Friday, August 30, 2013

Parts List and Sources for a pH, ORP, and Temperature Web Connected Monitor

Below is a parts list and sources for the DIY Spa or Pool Monitor.  There are many different versions of this build that you can put together based on your needs,  WiFi,  RF, or direct internet connection.  

How it Works
An internet connected Arduino (in this case a Nanode) collects the sensor reading and sends them to   Xively has built tools to easily access and store your sensor data so you can get it anywhere, your pool monitor displays on your smart phone, or any web connected device.  You can build other controls like alerts or connected alarms easily, to help you manage your pool, spa, or any other water body.
  1.   waterproof temp sensor
  2. A proto-board and male headers depending on how you want to set up the temp sensor
  3.   two of these, one for pH and one for ORP
  4.  industrial ORP probe
  5.  industrial pH probe
  6.   Nanode 
  7.  programming cord for the Nanode (FTDI Cable)  


  1. Hello and congratulations for your project Monitor2 Spa. I state that I am the first experience with Arduino and I want to ask you if you can into using an Arduino Uno + Ethernet shield W5100 alternative to Nanode 5 '. And then if you could tell me what changes were made to the version of code you posted. Thanks in advance for your time spent. My email is private

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, you can use an Arduino Uno and Ethernet shield as an alternative. My first prototype used this. Depending on the Ethernet shield, you may have to adjust your code, I am not familiar with the W5100. If you are going to connect to and this is your first time with Arduino, make sure you research this and start slow with one component at a time. Find examples on other sites. Join our forum and myself and other members would be happy to help. Good luck! Stay in touch and let us know how you are coming along.

    2. I'm asking you for help. By entering your code in the Arduino IDE 1.0 compiler with the libraries listed by you in verification gives me an error at line where get_header_line reported (1, off), can you help me understand how I can fix.

    3. Lets move this discussion over to the forum.